Volume II: Praxis

July 27, 2010 § Leave a comment


The distinction between academic research, design teaching and professional practice is now a thing of the past. The view that the studio realm is somehow a less-intelligent sphere than the book-lined interior restricts the potentially rich interplay that can often between the two. If design and textual knowledge are seen not as opposites but as intertwined ‘research modalities’, then insights originating within the concentrated ‘thick space’ of the studio environment can easily become the potential ground out of which intellectual analysis and interpretation can be drawn.

A recent example of this reciprocity is the pedagogical research into the problem of integration that has emerged directly from the work of the third year Lateralisms unit contained – amongst other things – in this volume. Not only is this an example of studio-driven design research, but it also demonstrates that teaching can both instigate a research topic and provide theory with an essential feedback loop (the studio as ‘weak laboratory’). Divided into three parts (making, discourse and research), this volume juxtaposes staff and student output in order to communicate the potential continuities that can occur between design research (the oral culture of studio) and scholarly writing.

Darren Deane & Adrian Ball

Download Volume II here


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